Christian Camping Services - Bryan Schoeffler
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Retreats & Snow Camps at Various Camp Facilities - 2 night/6 meals for $28-$49 person

Available September-June. Many youth leaders know how much more can be accomplished on a retreat, compared to their one hour weekly meetings. One of the unique aspects of this ministry is that I don't just take groups to my own cabin, but I use many of the various camps available for rental in NY & PA. There are many facilities available for rent for retreats, and they vary greatly in their charges for rental groups. Many group leaders have checked around and found it would cost them $60-$100 per person to have a retreat. Yet, by using some of the facilities that I frequent, and doing the food service myself, we usually can do a 2 night retreat including meals, for $28-$49 per person. After helping the group choose a location, the 3 services I offer are the speaking, the food service and the activities. While some groups just have me do the speaking, probably 90% have me take care of the food and activities as well.
1 or 2 Night Retreats or Snow Camps at My Cabin
Retreats & Snow Camps at Various Camp Facilities