Christian Camping Services - Bryan Schoeffler
5723 Nipher Rd. Bath NY 14810 607-776-6705
1 or 2 Night Retreats at My Cabin - my expenses about $7 a day per person including meals
Available year-round. In 1999, many volunteers helped build a beautiful rustic 2-story log cabin. Upstairs there are bunk rooms for 44, and downstairs there is a meeting area with couches, a dining area, a kitchen, ping-pong, foosball and air hockey. Situated on 23 wooded acres about 12 miles NW of Bath NY, there is volleyball, a campfire area with chairs, room for outdoor games, some low ropes course elements, a creek with crayfish, a couple sledding hills, and about a mile of marked hiking/ski trails. Designed to be rustic in nature, there is no hot water or showers. There is electricity in the cabin & outhouse.

Leaders have been finding this an affordable place to "get away" with their group. The warm & cozy atmosphere has made winter snow retreats a popular event. In the warmer months, some groups like to come for a retreat, even if they don't do any canoeing. Many young people begin relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ at the cabin each year. Adult groups, single's groups and men's groups have come for events as well.
Retreats & Snow Camps at Various Camp Facilities
1 or 2 Night Retreats at My Cabin