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About Me

Let me tell you a little about this unique ministry God has called me to. My name is Bryan Schoeffler, and after having already been in full-time youth ministry here in the Bath area for 10 years with Family Life Ministries, in 1988 I Founded "Christian Camping Services". As a full-time youth evangelist and missionary, one of my main objectives is to serve local churches as they seek to minister to young people through their youth programs. You can't send your kids to one of my events, because I don't sponsor any. Instead, these are your group's events, with me helping in whatever areas you wish. My involvement can be as little as just being the guest speaker, to as much as helping you decide on the best location, and then taking care of the activities, food, equipment and messages.

What would you expect this service to cost you?
More than your group could afford?

I live on missionary support, making it possible for me to only ask you to cover the actual expenses (food, building rental, etc.). Beyond that I leave it up to you and the Lord. In an average year, nearly a hundred churches and groups use my services to do things that they may not have thought possible.

Over the years I have sat down and personally shared this work with over a hundred pastors and youth leaders, and for some of them, their initial reaction was "What's the catch? No one comes around and just offers their services to our church." But this is the ministry God has directed me to as I seek to most effectively use my one life for the Lord. The web site pages list some of the options that have been most popular with groups. Or maybe your church has an existing program of some type that could use my services. While about 80% of my ministry is with teens, I have more and more groups using my services with older groups.

If you're not the youth leader in your church, I'm sure they would appreciate you telling them about this ministry. So many youth leaders have told me either "I wish I had known of your services sooner", "I'm new to the area and hadn't heard about this ministry", or "I thought you were just another camp".