Christian Camping Services - Bryan Schoeffler
5723 Nipher Rd. Bath NY 14810 607-776-6705

Day Trips on PA Grand Canyon near Wellsboro - my expenses about $14 person

Available - April only. Capacity of 78 people. This is the one type of event I do where I usually have more than one group with me on a trip. Behold the beauty of God's creation as we paddle 6-man rafts 18 miles down the main gorge of Pine Creek, often referred to as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Surrounded by steep canyon walls on each side, the river provides a spectacular setting for an outing with your group. Though not like paddling the big and dangerous water you often associate with rafting, nearly 400 people a year have been making the trip with me. Many of the groups join me year after year, finding it is a great outreach event to use to introduce new teens to their group. We stop half way, cook our lunch over a campfire, try to thaw out a few people, and have a devotional.

In addition to youth groups, I take adult groups, singles groups, and whole-church groups.