ChristIan Camping Services - Bryan Schoeffler
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Are you looking for the perfect "tool" for evangelism and outreach, building youth group identity and unity, spiritual growth, "good clean fun", or informal time to spend getting to know your group?

Is your group using the "tool" of camping to it's fullest potential?

Have you discovered camping can be more than just a week in the summer at whatever camp your church promotes?
What could your youth group do if someone in your church owned a 2 story log cabin lodge?

How about if someone in your church owned a fleet of canoes and rafts?

What if someone had tents and camping gear for 40-50 people, as well as a boat for skiing & tubing?

"Don't have anyone like that", you say? Well explore this site to find out what over 200 churches have done instead by using this ministry.